Frequently Asked Questions

What is Thai Massage?

Thai massage is performed on a massage mat while wearing loosely fitting clothes which ensures room to move in every aspect (more than 150 positons). It also can be applied on a massage table or chair, with a restricted number of positions. The massage is given with full physical play, working with thumbs, fingers, heels and palms of hands, elbows, forearms, knees and feet.

Additional stretching positions (passive stretching according to the recipients condition and tolerance) remind us of yoga positions which source is the Ayurvedic medicine. Therefore Thai massage is also stated as Thai yoga massage.
Thai massage is a holistic treatment providing a beneficial impact to all of our body systems and the maintanance of the free flow of our energies.

The art is:
The goal is to:

Thai massage is an ancient healing art and in its current form since about 1000 years part of Traditional Thai Medicine. Today it has a high priority in health care and is highly recognized and practiced in all sections of the Thai population. Sources are assumed to date back 4000 Years ago before the Thai people immigrated from China to Thailand. Similarities between Thai and Chinese are regocnized as well as influences of the Ayurvedic principles of life energy, life elements and Yoga. The theory of energy flow through the network of energy pathways throughout our body is another similarity. This enery is called Life force, Chi or Prana. The energy pathways are called Sen Sib, Meridians or Nadies.

Can I start my own business with Thai massage?

In almost all countries you can also work professionally with Thai massage.
This is primarily due to the fact that you do not heal diseases.
You simply offer wellness massages that increase well-being and possibly prevent illness.
Wellness massages and all massages that are intended to increase well-being, such as Asian massages, Thai massage, Thai yoga, Ayurveda and Hawaiian massages may be performed by anyone (also commercially) as long as this is apparent to the customer and not the appearance awakens that it is a therapeutic/medical massage, which is reserved for state-approved masseurs, physiotherapists, doctors or naturopaths.

Could Thai massage be harmful to one's health?

Not every technique and position is suitable for everybody.
Especially the yoga/steching positions could cause an injury if applied wrong or too strong.
In particular elderly persons or those who lack exercise or seldom do physical exercise are prone to strain their muscles or to other injuries.
Contra indications are serious heart condition, high blood pressure, spinal condition, artificial joints, osteoporosis and pregnancy among others.
Be aware of your responsibility. If you are unsure about the recipients condition or about your ability to perform a particular technique correctly, it is the best to omit it!

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