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Thai Massage School

Foto: Gaby Gaida

Gaby Gaida is the founder of TME®.
Her father is Thai, her mother German.
After she grew up in Germany, she has travelled all continents due to her profession and studies. She speaks German, English, Spanish and Portuguese.
She is engaged with various techniques for health care and has studied natural medicine for more than 15 years.
Since 2004 she worked as a massage therapist and teacher with the emphasis in Thai massage.
She has graduated a 600 hour Thai massage teacher program in Thailand, recognised by the Thai Government.
In 2011, she spent 1 year of her time developing the Thai Master Collection.
Probably the most comprehensive massage video tutorial.

Gaby also had studied with private teachers and is certified by the following
Thai Massage Schools:

Wat Po, Bangkok
Thai Massage School for Health, Chiang Mai
Certified Thai Massage Teacher TMC · Chiang Mai · Thailand

Foto: Christian Hecker

Christian Hecker is the co-founder of TME. He studied Ayurvedic massage techniques in Kerala(India) and he has worked for several years as a massage therapist in Spain.
He is also a certified Thai massage therapist (TMC).
At TME he is responsible for the administrative part and acts as an assistant teacher.

Foto: Uwe Polte

Uwe Polte: certified Thai massage training at Wat Po, Bangkok Old Medical Hospital
and Thai Massage School TMC Chiang Mai.
Sivananda Yoga teacher, fitness and personal trainer.
He helps at large events as an assistant teacher.

Thai Massage School

TMC Thai Massage School of Chiang Mai:
TMC is managed by Jan Chaithavuthi and Kanchanoo Muangsiri.
Jan is a member of the Thai Cultural Council, Chiang Mai for Thai Traditional Medicine and Thai massage.
Kanchanoo "Noo" BA has a diploma in Mass Communication and has comprehensive teaching and training experience.
The Thai Massage School was founded in 2001 by Jan and Noo.
Since then, more than 3000 students were trained at TMC.

Thaimassage School

About twenty teachers are employed at TMC.
All teachers have extensive massage experience and are graduated with Thai massage training from Thai Government supported Thai Massage schools and further have completed the teacher training program at TMC. Thai massage has a great tradition in Thailand.
Many are in contact with Thai massage since childhood and learned by wise teachers in their environment.