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Thai Massage Certificates

thai massage education

We are affiliated partner and recognized instructors of TMC Thai Massage School Chiang Mai, we teach according to the guidelines and principles of TMC which are based on the Thai Massage Revival Project from 1985.

Our curriculum comply with the directions of the Thai Ministry of Education for the training of traditional Thai massage therapists.

After the training you will receive a certificate from your authorized teacher or at request a TMC Thai certificate (Order takes 4 weeks/40€), which is recognized and credited for further courses in Thailand.

An education up to Thai massage teacher is possible.
If you choose this path, we will be happy to assist you.

Our goals are:
  1. To preserve the ancient art of Thai massage in their original format and to introduce it to the western world by providing professional training.
  2. To cause an improved understanding of traditional Thai massage to the public.
  3. To offer safe, professional and good quality Thai yoga massage courses.

TMC received the Royal King Award 2005 for the best Thai massage school and is acknowledged by eight independent institutions.

TMC is recognized with:
  • Ministry od Education Thailand
  • Ministry of Public Health Thailand
  • Ministry of Labour Thailand
  • CMT BC Canada "The College of Massage Therapists"
  • NCBTMB USA "The National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage"
  • Department of Education and Skills, UK approved TMC for CDL
  • AMTWP "Natural Health Practitioners of Canada"
  • AAMT "Australian Association of Massage Therapists Ltd"